2018 mastery of infant wellness

Anything you have ever wanted to know about inspiring super-happy babies, in Brisbane, Perth & Melbourne.

Acclaimed Mastery of Infant Wellness now launched in Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne in 2018!

13 Massive hours of content!

Saturday: 8am-6pm & Sunday: 8am-1pm

  1. Understand the Literature into Unsettled Babies
    – what does the science tell us about chiropractic and the unsettled baby?
  2. Inspiring Happy Babies – a ‘whole-of-life’ approach.
  3. A World-First Baby Wellness Tool for Chiropractors (this is huge!).
  4. Baby Spinal Assessment and Care – Atlas? Occiput? Compensation? Increase your certainty.
  5. Baby Peripheral Joint Assessment and Care – common subluxations not to miss.
  6. Baby Cranial Assessment and Care – where it fits.
  7. Safety literature – Chiropractic and Children.
  8. Amazing Paediatric Marketing Tips – based on information, not fear.
  9. Communication about Chiropractic and Children – the do’s and don’ts.
  10. Excellence in New Patient History for Babies.
  11. Excellence in New Patient Examination.
  12. Scheduling the Baby – and why.
  13. When and What to adjust … and why.
  14. When NOT to adjust.
  15. Gain confidence in Serious Illness Evaluation – When to refer.
  16. All your baby questions answered.

Who’s this seminar for?

Any chiropractor who wants to inspire super-happy babies. No matter what your technique, philosophy, or experience, this is a world-class presentation for every chiropractor.

I can highly recommend this seminar. I have been able to take home many new gems! I look forward to helping many more patients with these new approaches. Thank you Paul and Adam. Chiropractor, Sydney

In Sydney, there was a delegate who had been in practice for 4 days, another for over 25 years, and several others in between, with different techniques – they all loved it! There is plenty here for everyone.

Paul - Vital Child Education Chirpotractor

Presented by Drs Adam Stewart and Paul Chamberlain, two of Australia’s leading Child-only Chiropractors. Book now – Early Bird Rate expires 4 weeks before seminar.

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* FLA hours are 10.5 for the seminar, plus 2 further FLA hours for all delegates who complete a questionnaire based on the essential literature into babies and chiropractic. That’s your full year requirements in one weekend!

Your Vital Child Presenters:

  • Dr Chamberlain and Dr Stewart (Chiropractors) are passionate and experienced presenters.
  • Their mission is to increase your ability, certainty, congruence, and knowledge in the care of the infant.
  • They will immerse you in an informative, entertaining, and completely unique style, which combines wisdom, love and a commitment to excellence.
  • If your mission is a world full of children experiencing optimal health and function, then this seminar is for you!

Great value in one huge weekend. Team discounts apply – contact us for team details

You will leave this seminar being able to:

  • more confidently identify and manage many of the underlying causes of an unsettled baby
  • understand some of the neuro-developmental consequences of an unsettled baby. 
  • understand the role of subluxation in the unsettled baby
  • educate the family about the role and limitations of Chiropractic and other holistic management in a baby’s life. 
  • be up-to-date on the latest medical and complementary medical literature regarding reflux, colic, and the unsettled baby.
  • more confidently assess the spine, cranial vault and extremities of an infant. 

Seminar Locations Come along to Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane

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