What to expect at a Vital Child Seminar


Your Vital Child Presenters:

  • Dr Chamberlain and Dr Stewart (Chiropractors) are passionate and experienced presenters.
  • Their mission is to increase your ability, certainty, congruence, and knowledge in the care of the infant.
  • They will immerse you in an informative, entertaining, and completely unique style, which combines wisdom, love and a commitment to excellence.
  • If your mission is a world full of children experiencing optimal health and function, then this seminar is for you!

You will leave this seminar being able to:

  • more confidently identify and manage many of the underlying causes of an unsettled baby
  • understand some of the neuro-developmental consequences of an unsettled baby. 
  • understand the role of subluxation in the unsettled baby
  • educate the family about the role and limitations of Chiropractic and other holistic management in a baby’s life. 
  • be up-to-date on the latest medical and complementary medical literature regarding reflux, colic, and the unsettled baby.
  • more confidently assess the spine, cranial vault and extremities of an infant.